Beekeeping Adventure

So for the past 2 years I have been researching, taking classes, reading books, and ordering a lot of equipment to start my beekeeping adventure.  I finally have all the equipment for 2 hives and I pickup my bees – 1 nuc and 1 package in Navasota at R Weavers on Saturday, April 11th.  This all started when we moved from Katy to Weimar and needed some sort of an ag exemption on our taxes.  I always thought we would run cattle but once the property was purchased and I loved the 2 acre pound I couldn’t see allowing cattle all over it, so I thought about hay, well, that would require cutting down oak trees, that wasn’t my plan either.  Someone mentioned that the State of Texas now accepted bees as an ag exemption so there you go.

So stay tuned for more… let the adventure begin, next post on or around April 11th.